Simulation of fictitious 3D posters transforming the rendering of the text according to the point of view. These advertising posters were imagined and produced using Cinema 4D and After Effects.

SVG letters animated in real-time with the Web Audio API by modifying the CSS styles of SVGs according to the frequencies of the audio track (better performance on Safari and Firefox).

Variable SVG Font is a tool made to play with a custom SVG interpolated letters. It allows you to modify the properties of the SVG path of each letter, such as its width, height or thickness.

Letter spacing

Responsive posters generated through an HTML page and SVG shapes allowing to fit any out-of-home advertising.

Letters in anamorphosis change their typographic style when they rotate and go from a didone character to a slab-serif.


Experiences with multiple techniques in order to animate typographical characters. Mostly used to fulfill its usefulness, to be readable, I used letters to generate new forms by animating them using 3D, HTML and SVGs, cardboard, sounds…

3D Software

Cinema 4D

VFX Sofware

Adobe After Effects

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